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Ep. 123 Jennifer Ji-Hye Ko on Unintentional Spiritual Abuse

Hey there, Kingdom Warrior!

Jennifer Ji-Hye Ko is a disabled writer, author, poet, and speaker. Her full-time job is managing her intensive treatments for Lyme Disease, several co-infections, comorbid conditions, as well as Lyme and Autism-related psychosis. In addition to all of that, Jennifer is working to help bridge the gap between the Church and the disability community to avoid exclusion and unintentional spiritual or religious abuse. Curious how she came to do all this? Jennifer shares her story on the pod today, including her deep dive into Scripture herself and how God gives her hope on a daily basis. Check out her book, A Lamenter’s Pathway to Joy, and her website below!

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Links from our conversation:

PRE-ORDER Through the Fog: A Bible Study on God's Goodness Amidst Physical Suffering

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Tera’s Website

Tera’s Instagram

Heal’s Website

Jennifer’s Website

Jennifer’s Instagram

A Lamenter’s Pathway to Joy by Jennifer Ji-Hye Ko

All My Knotted-Up Life by Beth Moore

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