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At Heal, we believe you shouldn’t have to struggle continually with feelings of

hopelessness and isolation because of your physical pain or limitation. John 8:36 says that “if the Son sets you free you will be free indeed”. That includes you! The problem is the lack of support you need to face your pain or limitation, which has left many like you feeling trapped and marginalized.   


We know firsthand how physical pain and limitation can wreak havoc at a level so much deeper than just our physical bodies. That’s why we designed Heal, a ministry fully tailored to meet your unique needs. Here’s how it works:

- FIRST, we encourage you to sign up for Heal Community. It's an online community of brothers and sisters who support each other by praying for one another through the common bond of physical pain or limitation while receiving weekly encouragement in the form of video or written devotionals, all specific to physical pain/limitation.


- NEXT, browse our Tools tab and find other great resources to keep you encouraged and strengthened to continue experiencing freedom in Christ. Taking these steps will help lead you to the freedom which Jesus is longing to give you. 


So go ahead and sign up now for Heal Community, subscribe to the Podcast, Watch one of our Devotionals or Sermons, or read one of our curated Books so you can leave hopelessness and isolation at the foot of the cross and begin living the abundant life that only Christ can give.


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