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We believe God has a unique invitation to all of us to participate in his kingdom work, regardless of our limitations or even the physical suffering we may be experiencing. That's why we provide three unique opportunities for people or organizations who wish to help support our work:
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Do you have a God-given gift for fighting spiritual battles in prayer? We are always looking to grow our team of Heal Ministry Advocates to pray for our ministry, our leaders, and our members.

Heal Ministry Advocates receive special updates with prayer requests as well as a free Through the Fog bookmark to help remind them to pray for Heal.

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Has God blessed you or your organization with financial resources and the faith to invest them in his Kingdom? Consider becoming a Heal Ministry Investor by becoming a recurring giver to the ministry. 

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Are you a church or organization that sees the value Heal Mlinistry could offer your people? Become a Heal Ministry Partner and we'll help you share our community, tools, and discipleship with the ones who most need to experience God's goodness amidst physical suffering.

To learn more, click below to either download the Heal Ministry Partnership Guide or have one mailed to you.

(For Churches)

(For Ministries)

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