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Through the Fog Trailer

Through the Fog Trailer

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What People Are Saying

The words in this study gave me permission to ask, feel, and sit in very real things that have been in my heart for a long time that I've never seen addressed within the Church.

-Rebekah Hutchinson, Cancer Survivor and RA Warrior

This study forever changed my walk with Jesus.

-Andrew Moceo, US Marine Veteran, Injured in Service

Tera's calling to reach people who are chronically suffering is such light in a very dark place! The reminders she gives that the journey with our Savior is the reward bring hope and soul-healing!

-Dana Lisowski, Cancer Warrior

Through the Fog restored the broken relationship I had with my body after being in pain for so long.

-Buddy Weaver, Triathlete 

I believe this Bible Study is going to set so many people free from the bondage of their pain.

-Shontel Jackson-Taylor, Endometriosis Warrior and Founder of Purpose in the Pain Ministries

My pain journey is 20+ years and this study is one that I will continue to refer back to as I walk with Christ.

-Kathy Schmitz, Trigeminal Neuralgia Warrior


The Study

What is it?

  • A 6-week journey straight into the toughest issues surrounding pain, healing, and God’s nature.

What's included?

  • 5 days of study per week

  • 7 online video teachings

  • Personal reflection questions

  • Testimonies 

  • OPTIONAL Leader Guide

  • OPTIONAL Spiritual Warfare Guide

How could it change me?

• Be able to embrace the emotional and spiritual pain resulting from your physical pain

• Learn how to escape the pits of discouragement, anger, and loneliness

• Identify the possible ways God could lead you through your chronic pain

• Be equipped with habits and disciplines to help you in your journey

• Find strength to persevere when things get hard

• Discover God’s beautiful redemption in your pain

What formats are there?


• More daily scripture

• Includes “Gray Zone” sections

• Pairs with Devotional





(Recommended to read on large screen)


Large Print


Audio Book


• Less daily scripture

• Pairs with Study





(Recommended to read on large screen)


Audio Book

The Portal

Already have the study and looking to access the resources portal? Click below!

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