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in CHRIST through your PAIN

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Physical pain and limitation can make you feel isolated and hopeless.

At Heal, we help people with physical pain or limitation experience freedom in Christ so that they can live the abundant life God has in store for them.

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Lives Transformed


Kaylene Baker

"Heal was really encouraging for me just to know that there are other people out there dealing with pain like I am.  I was also really encouraged by the worship and hearing messages from people who are also in pain."

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Jason Kubichek

"Heal was such a powerful experience for me.  As an amputee, it gave me the opportunity to share my story.  There are experiences in our life that the enemy meant for harm but God can use them for his glory.  Heal allowed me to do that and it was so unbelievably powerful."


David Reimer

"At the Heal Retreat, I found I wasn't the only one struggling with chronic pain.  Heal is a powerful vehicle that enables the body of Christ to care for each of its valuable members."


Mark Denboer

"The Heal retreat was a refreshing reminder that I'm not alone in my pain.  I was able to learn from others and share my story.  The connection with other believers in pain was a reminder of God's love and provision for all of us in our suffering."


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Welcome to Heal

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