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Ep. 127 and 128 Tammy Comer: Trust in Sickness, Kindness in Healing

On the show today is someone I have wanted to have on for a long time. I met Tammy Comer a little over a year ago at Bridgetown Church, where I have attended since moving to the Portland area. Tammy's husband, John Mark Comer, founded the church. You may know him from some of his books like The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry or God Has a Name.

Here's the scoop: Tammy lived with severe chronic illness for over a decade, but she was also radically healed (complete physical healing) by God. I had lots of respect for how the Comers handled the story of Tammy's healing, not publicly sharing for over a year in order to wrap their own heads around it and make sure that the healing had indeed been miraculous and sustained. As of the writing of this blog, Tammy has been healed for around 3 years, instantaneously from one moment. But we'll get to that in the episode.

For now, I just want you to know that Tammy has great wisdom from her many years of walking with Jesus through physical suffering, and she also has great gratitude for God's kindness in how He healed her. She says He's the same God in both her suffering and her healing. I split her interview into two episodes to break it up a little bit, so the first episode focuses mainly on Tammy's journey through chronic illness, and the second episode focuses primarily on her healing. I hope you listen to both!

One quick heads up: Because I know many of you have grown to trust me and the nuance and complexity with which I handle the topic of physical suffering, I want to alert you to the fact that Tammy's testimony might be controversial to some. Her story deals with generational curses and the demonic affecting a believer's body. If that is a trigger for you or not something you are comfortable listening to, please don't feel the need to listen to this episode. If you're curious and want to learn more, Tammy shares some resources for how she wrestled with the idea of deliverance (the theology surrounding the demonic oppression of a believer affecting someone's body was new to her). Some of these links are below. I highly encourage you to listen with an open mind, dig into the Word yourself to discover what you believe about the issue, and wrestle with it in the context of a community of believers and people you trust.

Listen to learn more about:

·  How Tammy learned to trust God amidst some of the most debilitating diagnoses and prognoses that can be given

·  How Tammy has continued to grow with God after experiencing His radical kindness and generosity in her physical healing

·  What one person's testimony suggests about the many ways God heals us.


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Links from our conversation:

Another book on the topic of demonology that I recommend: ⁠What Demons Can Do to Saints by Merrill Unger

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