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Ep. 120 Laura Brandenburg on Faith and Fertility

Hey there, Kingdom Warrior!

After nearly a decade of struggling through infertility, Laura Brandenburg still believes that even through the hardest chapters of our lives, God writes good endings. If you’ve been waiting on healing, waiting for God to show you His goodness amidst your pain, or just asking God to give you the patience to wait on His timing, then this is the episode for you. Laura shares the lessons her season of waiting taught her (they’re GOOD, y’all), as well as how her body was healed when her husband started praying specifically over her each night (but catch-that’s still not all there is to the story - you’ll have to listen to see what I mean). Plus, one of the great redemptions of her pain is her debut nonfiction book that comes out TODAY: Not Forgotten: Unraveling Questions of Faith and Fertility. Check it out below!

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Links from our conversation:

PRE-ORDER Through the Fog: A Bible Study on God's Goodness Amidst Physical Suffering

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Not Forgotten: Unraveling Questions of Faith and Ferility by Laura C. Brandenburg

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