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Episodes for People in Missions and Ministry

If you're in or feel called to enter into ministry or missions work, having a biblical yet practical theology surrounding physical suffering is critical. The following podcast episodes are a wide array of conversations we've had with ministers, missionaries, and other ministry leaders surrounding the complexities and struggles surrounding healing, suffering, and the nature of God's goodness.


In this episode, Paul shares about his journey as a missionary in Zaire, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, his return to the US and his work as a pastor, and his recent journey through multiple myeloma bone cancer.


Listen in on our second interview with Shad as he shares his story of misdiagnoses for an unknown illness and what he is currently doing to stay faithful to the Lord in this struggle. Shad shares how he first started having symptoms while playing football in college and how his condition has progressed all the way until now and how he deals with his current symptoms as a pastor and husband.


Eddie Williams joins us to talk about his journey from playing in the NFL to his four surgeries that led him to planting a church and becoming a pastor. He also shares about losing his mom to cancer at a young age and the blog and YouTube channel he's created, Ex Nihilo Health, that empower you to pursue a life of health and longevity from a biblical perspective.


Cami and Gabe Latham are a sister and a brother who grew up in Brazil. In this episode, they take us on the first part of their journey through Gabe's accident, his near death experience (NDE), Cami's dream of the event before it happened, and how she felt the effects of her brother being the "miracle boy." The way these two's journeys are interwoven and how God heals both of them with such care is a testament to how much God sees us and loves us all.


In this episode we talk about Josh's work with SLS, an organization designed to provide housing and work opportunities for neurodiverse adults, the international ministry he founded, Multipli Global, and his wife's recent cancer diagnosis. This wisdom has golden nuggets all over the place, so it is definitely one you want to get out a notepad or a note on your phone and get ready to write things down - it's that good!


Lamar has become known as the autism pastor for his ability to pastor those who are differently abled and often left out of the Church. After finding out he was on the autism spectrum at the age of 36, he has made it his mission to show us the way to making Church the inclusive home it should be. Lamar has also recently been on a cancer journey, and he shares about all this and more in the episode.


Dr. Rick Gardner and Justin Narducci share with us the heart of CURE International, a Christian NGO operating eight pediatric hospitals to provide surgical care for children living with treatable disabilities like cleft palates and bowed legs. We look forward to having you see how this organization and the people in it are such an incredible example of how God often uses US to be His healing hand to others in the world.

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For many years, Rick battled what doctors told him was MS (Multiple Sclerosis) but eventually discovered the name of his illness: Sjorgen’s Syndrome. Since developing these physical limitations, Rick has faced significant loss – his marriage, his physical capacity, and even his job. But amidst sharing candidly about all these things, he also shares the hope of how God has met him in his growing limitations. Through it all, Rick discovered a new passion for helping those with disabilities, and he now works with Special Touch Ministries to be an advocate to those who often do not have the support they need.

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In our conversation with David Lyons (International Vice President of Navigators) and Renée Lyons, they share how of walking through the horrendous journey of watching their son Ian suffer until God took him home. They share, through tears, about surrender, joy, pain, loss, suffering, and the goodness of God amidst it all.What it looks like to pray through the pain, to move from naïve trust to seasoned trust through your hardship.

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Gerald Griffin is the executive pastor at Bridgetown Church in Portland. In our conversation, Gerald shares about a season when he had many years of recurring sinusitis and horrible sinus infections. These sinus infections became debilitating, leaving him unable to breathe well and affecting his sleep and quality of life. Hear from Gerald what it’s like to have a medicinal healing story amidst the societal Christianese pressure to receive a miraculous healing, how medicinal healing is still a part of God’s redemption plan for human flourishing, and how there is still something undeniably special about miraculous healing.

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