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TOP 25 Season 1 Episode 56 Rick Heitz: The Gain of Loss

Hey there, Friend!

Welcome back to our countdown of the Top 25 most-listened-to episodes of Season One the Heal Podcast. It has been such a joy for me to relive these conversations, and I hope these blogs help jog your memory for some of the impactful notes in the episodes or prompt you to listen to them if you didn’t the first time around.

Up today, snagging the #9 spot, is episode 56 with Rick Heitz. This one is special to me, because Rick has been a friend of my husband’s for many years, since they did karate together (both are black belts). When Rick came through Bozeman, I was taken in getting to know his story and the amazing life change that has come of it. Because of that, I thought our audience would love his story, too. Turns out you did, since his episode made it into the Top Ten episodes on our podcast!

For many years, Rick battled what doctors told him was MS (Multiple Sclerosis). He was losing some muscle function, had increasing pain, and seemed to be more susceptible to illness. He noticed an increasing dryness in his throat, causing issues to his speech that he had never had before. Finally, he discovered the name of his illness: Sjorgen’s Syndrome. But even the name of his condition doesn’t do justice to the relationships and physical capacities it has taken from him.

Since developing these physical limitations, Rick has faced significant loss – his marriage, his physical capacity, and even his job. But amidst sharing candidly about all these things, he also shares the hope of how God has met him in his growing limitations. Through it all, Rick discovered a new passion for helping those with disabilities, and he now works with Special Touch Ministries to be an advocate to those who often do not have the support they need.

I also love this episode because since Rick faces difficulty speaking, it was a big deal for him to surrender this interview to the Lord and join us anyway (we tend to talk a little bit in an only-audio-recorded podcast). I just think it’s incredible that Rick uses whatever opportunity God gives him to share his story and how God has worked through the tough times. Rick’s life has taken some surprising twists that he never would have seen coming, but in this episode, he shares how even amidst such loss, he has gained so much more.

P.S. Rick is also a Heal Advocate, and he has filmed a couple devotionals for our Heal Community! Check them out here.

Listen to learn more about:

· How God can transform some of your greatest losses into your deepest gains.

· A personal story of losing physical capacity to a disease, yet finding a new and redeemed normal with God.

· What it looks like to surrender to God’s plans for your life, rather than your own.

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Favorite Quote from the episode:

· “One of the things she talks about in there [author, book] is the gift of brokenness. A lot of the times we don’t recognize that as a gift; we see that as an imperfection; we see that as a ‘less-than;’ we see that as something not to be cherished. There is a gift with that brokenness that allows you to see into other people’s lives that nobody else can see. With the brokenness He allowed in my life, it gives me the ability to see what’s going on in other people’s lives with disabilities. A lot of times I can recognize people that have mobility issues or different things that most people would never notice. But it also gives me an opportunity to speak into their life in areas that I would otherwise not be able to.”

Links from our conversation:

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