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Season 1, Episode 46: Lamar Hardwick: The Autism Pastor

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Lamar has become known as the autism pastor for his ability to pastor those who are differently abled and often left out of the Church. After finding out he was on the autism spectrum at the age of 36, he has made it his mission to show us the way to making Church the inclusive home it should be. Lamar has also recently been on a cancer journey, and he shares about all this and more in the episode today. Join us for the conversation and check out the awesome resources we have below, as well. Lamar's episode kicks off Autism Awareness Month for April, so please share this month's episodes with anyone you feel would be encouraged by their message.

Disability and the Church book:

Tera IG: @terabradham

Lamar IG: @lamarhardwick

Lamar's other books:

Epic Church:

I am Strong:

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