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Season 1, Episode 65: Cami and Gabe Latham Pt. 1: A Miracle and Its Fallout

Hello friend!

Cami and Gabe Latham are a sister and a brother who grew up in Brazil. Today, they take us on the first part of their journey (part two coming on Thursday!) through Gabe's accident, his near death experience (NDE), Cami's dream of the event before it happened, and how she felt the effects of her brother being the "miracle boy." The way these two's journeys are interwoven and how God heals both of them with such care is a testament to how much God sees us and loves us all. I cannot wait for you to get to know Cami and Gabe in this episode!

Cami IG: @camilatham_

The Wisdom Spiral by Shane Latham:

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