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Different Types of Healing

At Heal Ministry, we believe that God heals us in the way that brings Him the most glory and draws us closest to him. The way He does that can look very different which is why we've compiled a few episodes that explore some of the various ways in which God can heal us. We invite you to listen in with an open mind knowing that each person's pain journey is unique and God's goodness can be found amidst them all. 

Episode 79.png

If you’ve ever struggled with not understanding heaven, with not being excited to go to heaven one day, or with wondering what we mean when we say our loved ones are “in a better place,” you’re not alone. James Paul had similar struggles, and it caused him to write the book What on Earth is Heaven?. In it he addresses what the Bible says about heaven and what we can infer from biblical passages about heaven and what we can’t. We believe that after listening to this episode, you’ll be a whole lot more excited about where someone you love has gone, or about your own destiny in getting to go the place prepared for you when you pass from this life, as well.

Episode 78.png

After 25 years of chronic back pain, Joelle found a book and some psychological techniques that unearthed the root holding her body captive to pain. She found out that her pain was both real, had a name (TMS, or Tension Myositis Syndrome), and could be helped using the links between her mind and her body.

Episode 117.png

In our conversation with our friend Denise, she shares about her miraculous healing in her shoulder, how God used her shoulder injury to reveal that she had skin cancer, and the way God has revealed His kindness to her throughout her whole journey. Listen in to hear some of the unique ways God has shown up in Denise's life through her physical suffering.

Episode 44.png

In his own life, Philip grew up in a church where praying for healing was the norm. So when his father contracted polio, prayers were lifted up with fervor for his healing. His father passed away when Philip was an infant, leaving him with only a couple of black and white photos as his main memory of his dad. But years later in adulthood, Philip found out that his father had died when the decision was made to take him out of the iron lung that was sustaining his life, based on the fact that he believed God would heal him and he did not need the help of medicine. Philip shares about this part of his story in our interview, in addition to the many ways he has wrestled with God.

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