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TOP 25 Season 1, Episode 79 James Paul: What on Earth is Heaven?

Hey there, Kingdom Warrior!

Y’all. This is an episode I have recommended SO many times since it’s been published, so you better believe I am thrilled Episode 79 with James Paul made it into the #15 spot for most-listened-to episodes on the Heal Podcast!

Why do I recommend this episode and James Paul’s book to so many people? Because here at Heal we say that God heals people in the way that brings him the most glory and in the way that brings us closest to him, including miraculous healing, medicinal healing, sufficient grace healing, and ultimate healing in heaven. James Paul (who is also the Director of L'Abri Fellowship in the UK) addresses a huge portion of healing as he seeks to address what heaven is really like, both in this interview and in his book, What on Earth is Heaven?

If you’ve ever struggled with not understanding heaven, with not being excited to go to heaven one day, or with wondering what we mean when we say our loved ones are “in a better place,” you’re not alone. James Paul had similar struggles, and it caused him to write this book. He addresses questions like:

· What happens to us when we die?

· Is heaven really a place of fluffy clouds, angels, and cherubs playing harps?

· Is Christian faith about securing our place in heaven when we die?

And pertinent to our ministry, he addresses what the Bible says about heaven and what we can infer from biblical passages about heaven and what we can’t. I believe after listening to this episode, you’ll be a whole lot more excited about where someone you love has gone, or about your own destiny in getting to go the place prepared for you when you pass from this life, as well.

My favorite parts of this conversation are talking about what we will be doing in heaven and how much MORE real the heavenly reality is than the one we are living in. I love how James Paul dives into the biblical text concerning these things, so it’s not just us taking a stab in thin air, but making logical conclusions based on the clues God has left us in his Word.

Buckle up for this conversation and take out a pen and pencil (or the Notes app on your phone, if you’re one of those people) – this is a conversation you’re going to want to take notes on! I’m praying this one blows your mind like it did mine, and that you finish the conversation more in love with a God who reigns from such a place as heaven and is asking us to bring it here to Earth.

Listen to learn more about:

· What heaven is really like – what will we be doing? Why should we desire to get there? Is heaven even a place we go to, or is it a place we are bringing here to Earth?

· How the heavenly reality ties into our ultimate physical (and completely holistic) healing.

· Why heaven makes us long for our King and our Kingdom more.

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Favorite Quotes:

· “It is not so much that heaven will be full of things we love from this world but, rather, that we love things in this world because they are things of heaven.” -What On Earth Is Heaven?

· “Heaven is not a ‘spiritual dimension’ into which we flee to escape earthly reality, but a dimension that is coming to earth to complete and fulfill reality.” P. 24 WOEIH

· “His plan was for creation to be a dynamic, ever increasing, ever unfolding story as humanity brought to fullness the infinite goodness of the ways in which heaven could be brought to earth.” P. 42 WOEIH

· God has not, and will not, give up on the good creation that he has made. And neither will he give up on human beings, creatures uniquely made in his image whom he loves and has chosen to bring the rule of heaven to the whole earth.” P. 114 WOEIH

· “I think our world would often say, ‘you’ve got chronic pain or disability, your life’s over, it’s no good, it’s not going to be meaningful,’ and Jesus would say the exact opposite – ‘there’s meaning, there’s purpose, and you can still be a part of what I’m doing.’”

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