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Ep. 117 Denise Moyer on God Healing You When You Didn't Ask Him To

Hey there, Kingdom Warrior!

I am thrilled to introduce you today to one of the sweetest and on-fire women in my church community. It has been my pleasure to get to know Denise Moyer as we have been on the prayer team together at Bridgetown. She has a spirit that is always wanting more of whatever God has for her, and that shows up in the story she shares on the podcast today.

Denise and I were both present at a healing training our church put on in December of 2022. At this event, we were seeking to practice in a healthy way and low-risk environment what it looked like to ask God for miraculous healing. As part of this, a volunteer allowed us to pray for God to heal her headache. In the audience, Denise lifted up her arm to reach toward the woman as she prayed for her, and she was reminded of her shoulder pain.

Taking a fall and hurting her shoulder previously, Denise had pain in her left shoulder for years. At the event, she started to chastise herself for never having taken care of her shoulder issue when she felt the Holy Spirit prompt her not to shame herself. She repented, and immediately felt relief of her shoulder pain. As of this interview, recorded four months after this event took place, Denise has been pain-free since that moment.

Here at Heal, we believe that God heals people in the way that brings Him the most glory and in the way that brings us closest to Him. That is not always miraculously, as Denise can attest to because of the skin cancer on her head she had operations for, as well as many other bodily issues for which she sought medical attention. In fact, Denise works at a hospital as a unit coordinator and sees immense opportunity for her compassion to minister to others in pain. This is not an anti-medicine conversation, but rather a pro-Jesus and His power still working in us and healing us today conversation.

Think about this: had Denise not fallen and hurt her shoulder and had to have other operations, they would not have found the fast-growing skin cancer on her head. She would not have gotten to experience the miraculous healing of God in her shoulder, and you wouldn’t be able to be encouraged by her testimony today. Isn’t God just so kind?!

If you’re interested in a unique story of miraculous healing where Denise did not even directly ask God to heal her (but He did anyway), where her emotional healing coincided with her physical healing and she’s still walking on the path toward wholeness as God continues to refine her, then check out this episode today! I’m so thrilled for you to see Denise’s testimony, and it is my hope that you will be encouraged in the middle of whatever trial you’re in the middle of today, too.

Listen to learn more about:

· What one specific instance of miraculous healing looked like in our community.

· How God healed and is continuing to heal Denise’s emotions, not just her body.

· How God sometimes heals miraculously through repentance.

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Favorite Quote from the episode:

“I feel like the process of my shoulder being healed and how it came about, of me just saying, ‘Wow, I’m sorry I’m speaking that way about myself’ – this horrible self-talk and condemnation of, ‘I’m so stupid I didn’t deal with it,’ or ‘I didn’t go to the doctor,’ or ‘I didn’t pursue medical help for it.’ The backstory is I was dealing with a whole bunch of other medical things and I just didn’t get to it. I had other stuff to deal with. But somehow God healed that piece in my heart to think, I don’t live in that place of ‘You make so many mistakes’ or ‘You’re always going to make so many mistakes.’ It’s like, life is mistakes. We’re not perfect.

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