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TOP 25 Season 1, Episode 78 Joelle Jensen: It's All in Your Head

Well, Friend, I’m guessing you clicked on this post because you saw the title: “It’s All In Your Head.” I’m also guessing that title is the reason this episode with Joelle Jensen rolls in at #7 on our countdown of the most-listened-to episodes on the Heal Podcast. Unfortunately, when we are faced with physical pain or trauma that doctors cannot figure out, we are often told that the pain is a figment of our imaginations.

If that is your story today, I just want to say I’m so sorry. I know how you feel, as I experienced this many times in my journey. Pain is valid, and it is real, regardless of what people have said to you. Very often it is complex and difficult to figure out, but if you say you’re in pain, I believe you, friend. I believe our guest today, Joelle Jensen, would believe you too. That’s why I think her story is both fascinating and necessary in order for us to present a well-rounded spectrum of pain and the ways God can heal our bodies.

Many people who have walked through the fires of physical pain have experienced the sinking feeling in their stomachs when someone suggests that their pain is in their head, because it feels like the person is accusing them of making up their pain; it feels like their pain is invalidated. Since our goal at Heal is to provide a holistic view of pain and healing, it would be as unfair to say that your pain is not real as it would be to suggest that physical pain never has mental and emotional roots to it. God designed our bodies to be interconnected, and often the unconscious lies we believe have huge impacts on our physical health.

Joelle Jensen has experienced this firsthand. After 25 years of chronic back pain, she found a book and some psychological techniques that unearthed the root holding her body captive to pain. She found out that her pain was both real, had a name (TMS, or Tension Myositis Syndrome), and could be helped using the links between her mind and her body.

When Joelle spent time with the Lord addressing her anxieties and internal pressures, the journey to wholeness completely relieved her physical pain. To me, when we look at the goodness of God, it makes total sense that God could both validate Joelle’s pain and use a modern technique to heal her of it.

Y’all. This episode is gold. I hope bringing it back in this countdown exposes Joelle’s story to even more people, because it is so worth the listen! Joelle’s sincerity and honesty when sharing her story will endear you to her right away, just like it did for me. And if you’re inspired by her passion and enthusiasm for God, be sure to check out the resources she creates for women below with First Love Women. Enjoy!

Listen to learn more about:

· The stigmas that can be associated with physical pain or chronic pain, like being told pain is “all in our head.”

· How Joelle’s physical pain had to do with a traumatic incident in her past and how both psychological and spiritual practices with God healed her pain.

· What we can learn from God displaying his hand of healing in this unique way in Joelle’s life.

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Favorite Quote from the episode:

“In TMS, basically the person has a lot of emotional stress going on for whatever reason, whether it’s trauma, or whether it’s the way that they’re so driven and harsh on themselves internally, how they speak to themselves, whatever it might be – there’s a lot of emotional pressure that they’re under. And the body doesn’t know how to cope with it, and so it actually tries to create a distraction from the emotional turmoil that the person’s in.”

Links from our conversation:

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