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Episode 82: Kevan Chandler: We Carry Kevan

Hello friend!

Kevan Chandler's friends carried him through Europe. Yes, literally - in a backpack. Diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) when he was young, Kevan grew up in a family that empowered him to dream of a unique life with his disability. His life experiences, combined with a personal relationship with Jesus, led him to try something crazy when he left his wheelchair behind and let a bunch of his musician friends carry him on their backs for three weeks. The result: a book, lessons innumerable, a documentary, strengthened relationships with friends and God, a nonprofit, and a fresh perspective that will leave you feeling encouraged and inspired today. I love this episode so much, and I believe you will too!

Kevan IG: @vanchandler

We Carry Kevan IG: @wecarrykevan

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C.S. Lewis The Space Trilogy:

Green Ember by S.D Smith Book One:

Little Pilgrims Progress:

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