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Episode 74: Nic Niehnuis: The "Ambitious Cripple"

Hello friend!

Nic Nienhuis' friends started calling her the "ambitious cripple," a term she loves, after seeing how vivaciously she lives life amidst severe pain and limitation. Nic is in her thirties and has had over 30 surgeries relating to her multiple diagnoses, some of which include anklosing spondylitis and RA. We are also stoked to have Nic on the podcast today because she is typically working on the other side of these episodes as our podcast editor! Nic shares her story vulnerably today, including talk about suicidal thoughts, an affair, and the restoration of her life through Jesus Christ. Check out the incredible resources she recommended below, and feel free to reach out to her through her email with questions or to tell her what her story meant to you.

Living Beyond Your Pain Workbook:

The Way Out by Alan Gordon:

"Try Again" worksheet:

Tera IG: @terabradham

Tera Website:

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