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Kaylene's experience at Heal
Maddy's experience at Heal
Becky's experience at Heal


Listen as Tera Bradham DeNeui shares how to use the word of God in our fight against the enemy's lies regarding physical pain and limitation.
Be encouraged as you listen to Bob's inspiring testimony of enduring through life's trials with joy and hope.
Listen as Matt shares the tragic story of his wife's death and how God led him and gave him hope through the journey.
If your pain or limitation has you in a place of hopelessness or helplessness, this message will help bring you encouragement.
From the passage in 2 Corinthians 4, Tera talks about how people in pain try to bear the weight of glory that they cannot bear.


Learn why Heal exists and how it can help you experience freedom in Christ through you physical pain or limitation.
Discover how Heal can suport your church or ministry
Learn why you should attend a Heal Retreat
Want to join us? Learn how you can participate in Heal's mission by becoming a Heal Advocate.
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