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Do you live with physical suffering that leaves you feeling discouraged, angry, or lonely? Have you ever asked questions like, “Why won’t God heal me when I know He can?”, “How do I serve God when my physical pain keeps me from doing so?”, or “Is my lack of miraculous healing because of sin in my life?” If so, you’re not alone.


Through the Fog is a six-week journey straight into the toughest issues surrounding physical suffering, healing, and God’s nature. In this study, we will: 


  • Embrace the emotional and spiritual pain resulting from your physical suffering
  • Learn how to escape the pits of discouragement, anger, and loneliness
  • Identify the possible ways God could lead you through your physical suffering
  • Be equipped with habits and disciplines to help you in your journey
  • Find strength to persevere when things get hard
  • Discover God’s beautiful redemption in your pain


Each week comes packed with a sermon video, six days of study,  and personal reflection questions, plus testimonies of people who have journeyed through their own fog of physical suffering and found God's goodness through it all. Whether you’re struggling but anchored or you’re ready to give up on God altogether, Through the Fog will help you experience the victory Christ has for you all the way through the fog of physical suffering.

Through the Fog (FOR HEAL GROUPS)

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