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Season 1, Episode 27: Elijah Scheidler: Why Does God Allow Pain to Take Away Passions He Gave You?

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In the matter of three months, Elijah lost two of his greatest passions: playing piano and bodybuilding. A nerve disorder flared up in the finale of his final performance as a music major in college that prevented him from playing correctly (he still has the nerve disorder today, over ten years later). A few months later, he blew out his rotator cuff, losing bodybuilding, as well. In this episode, we talk about where God is when you have a disorder or pain that takes away passions that God designed you with in the first place. In addition, we talk about another incident where Elijah's torn hamstrings were miraculously healed. If God can heal one part of our bodies miraculously, why wouldn't He heal the other parts? Listen in as we discuss this and more!

Tchaikovsky - Piano Concerto 1 - B Flat Minor:

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