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Season 1, Episode 40: Carley and Mark DenBoer: Valentines & Suicide Prevention

Hello friend!

Carley and Mark DenBoer join us today to talk about their lives and how they seek to glorify God amidst their marriage with chronic pain. After a biking accident in high school, Mark has had an unimaginable headache that never leaves. Carley has been diagnosed with both lupus and severe depressive disorder. While we talk about fun parts of their lives and I think you will fall in love with their personalities, we do get into a long conversation about suicidal ideation, as well. This is a large part of many people's lives who live in chronic pain, so our hope is that you can relate to either Carley or Mark in their specific type of suicidal thoughts they have experienced and that this podcast enables you to seek help and thrive amidst your pain. Please share this episode with anyone you feel would be uplifted by its message!


National Prayer Line: 1-800-4-PRAYER

Carley and Mark IG: @chronicpromises

Tera IG: @terabradham

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