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TOP 25 Season 1, Episode 88 Kyle Gillette: Mindset Coaching Through Pain

Hey there, friend!

Perhaps because all of us feel like we could use some mindset coaching when it comes to our chronic pain, Kyle Gillette’s episode rolls in at the 21st most-listened-to episode on the Heal Podcast. Kyle is by trade a business and mindset coach for entrepreneurs. Since he coaches others on how to create their own systems for success based on their strengths, it makes sense that he would coach us through his own pain journey and what we can learn from it, as well.

A few years ago, Kyle started experiencing debilitating pain in his legs. Then it moved to his entire body, keeping him from a sense of normalcy in his life and from doing many of the things he previously enjoyed. He has a unique path to healing, including addressing his gut issues, which seemed to be the main factor in the inflammation and dysfunction in his legs.

Many people now refer to the gut as the “second brain,” and Kyle not only changed his diet, but also used a special blend of teas to help his system get back on the right track (check out the links below if you’re curious about the apothecary that custom-made his teas for him). Through this journey, Kyle learned a lot about God, himself, and his human frailty. Plus, this interview is never boring, as Kyle shares with us a couple adrenaline-laced, life-altering, near-death experiences he’s had and how God used them as wake up calls in his life.

As we re-welcome our guest from Bellingham, Washington, I hope you’ll enjoy Kyle’s passion and energy as much as I did!

Listen to learn more about:

· How to move forward in your pain through both the lenses of empowerment and limitation

· Practical steps to talk you through your pain

· What an uncommon healing journey and a couple near-death experiences taught Kyle about God and himself

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Favorite Quote from the episode:

o “Specifically pray for things about your pain. To just have him take it away would be wonderful and it’d be beautiful and it’d be a miracle, of course, but if you can pray that on tomorrow, that God takes your pain down a little bit for that day, then you can give him the glory for the diminishing of the pain.”

o “It’s like there’s this commitment you have to make. Like you have to say out loud, ‘My life has to change and I have to be okay with it.’ Say it out loud enough that you can come to peace about it. And ask God specifically to have peace about that thing you can’t do, that thing you can’t eat, whatever it is – be specific about talking to him about it.”

Links from our conversation:

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