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TOP 25 Season 1, Episode 83 Lana Stenner: Some Goats, a Brain Tumor, and a Tie

Hey there, Warrior!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when pain is consuming my life, it feels a bit draining to listen to another conversation about it. Sometimes I love those deep dives into what God is challenging me to do amidst my pain or an intense look into the theology or apologetics of pain, but sometimes I just need a little pick-me-up - a little cheerleader in my corner who understands what it’s like, but is also full of a perspective of joy.

Meet Lana Stenner. Oh, she has a big physical limitation story to share with us – so big it was a peach-sized tumor in her brain. But in addition to that, she has a sweet way of sharing God’s goodness through how he meets her in the everyday, too – from the goats on her farm to the tie her doctor was wearing when she went in for her surgery.

I think you’ll get some laughter and joy infused back into your trudge through pain today as you listen to Lana’s homesteading adventures, from using vegetable oil for fuel in her car instead of gasoline to telling us how to winterize a chicken coop. (If you love farming tips and the cutest ever DIY snacks, tips, and tricks, check out Lana’s website. She’s got that down pat).

But even among our lighthearted conversation, you’re going to find some deep spiritual truths, too. It’s a joy to bring this episode back, because I remember it was one of the first times Lana had shared the story of her brain tumor more publicly. I’ve been seeing her share her miracle since then on social media, but I still feel honored that she shared this space with us in vulnerability as she started the journey of sharing this trial in her life.

Whether you like to hear more about the big breakthroughs of God or about the ways he ministers to us in the smallest signs and whispers, this episode has both. It’s my joy to encourage you to head back and listen to Episode 83 of the Heal Podcast for our number 18 most-listened-to episode!

Also, don’t forget to check out and pre-order (or order, depending on when you read this) Lana’s book, The Grace-filled Homestead: Lessons Learned about Faith, Family, and the Farm, which will release on October 4, 2022! I think you’ll love the fun recipes, DIY crafts, and adorable images of her goats.

Listen to learn more about:

· How God meets you in tiny moments even amidst pain, fear, and confusion

· How Lana heard the voice of God and found peace amidst a scary diagnosis and prognosis

· Fun, quirky tips and tricks for the homesteader in all of us!

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Favorite Quote from the episode:

“He is here. He’s still here. He’s still in the miracle business, no matter what your story is, what your diagnosis is, what you’ve done – you might have committed a horrible crime or done something terrible to a family member – whatever it is that’s bad, God can redeem it and use it for good. It can look like there is no way out and you’re in an impossible situation, and you’re in pain or you’ve caused pain to other people, or whatever it is. He is there, and he is your champion, and he can turn it for good.”

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For freedom,


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