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TOP 25 Season 1, Episode 67 Madeline Kalu on Burnout

Hey there, Kingdom Warrior!

Oh, this episode is so near to my heart, because as I write this so many teachers are beginning another school year. I worked as a middle school Spanish teacher for two years, and I like to say that teaching is one of the most under-appreciated, underpaid, most impactful careers out there. That’s not even mentioning what teachers have faced the past couple of years with the ramifications of online learning, Covid restrictions and masks in schools, and the knowledge gaps coming out of the pandemic. I want to honor our teachers more than ever, because they are paving the way for the next generation through all the upheaval of the past few years.

That’s why it’s my pleasure to start off the top ten episodes in our countdown of most-listened-to episodes on the Heal Podcast with Episode 67 and guest Madeline Kalu. I’m betting that this episode has been so sought after because we all have teetered on the edge of burnout, if not at some point in our lives, especially in the past two years, since 2020 struck its terrible woes. In fact, a 2021 study said that 77% of US workers have felt burned out at their current job.

Madeline Kalu has personal experience with burnout. As a teacher, she survived 80-hour work weeks by taping her doctor, seeing doctors, and dragging herself to work after sleepless nights. When her body started to break down, it still took her years of surviving the grind before she realized her situation had to change.

On this episode, Madeline shares how stress affected her body, when she hit her breaking point, and how she still has physical limitation because of the stress of that season. In addition, she shares how God has been there through it all, and what the spiritual side of her burnout looked like. From the beginning of her job to her continued recovery now, this is a testimony you're going to want to hear!

Listen to learn more about:

· What physical signs and symptoms can show you that you are experiencing the effects of burnout in your body.

· What it looks like to grow in your identity in Christ, placing proper boundaries on your professional life, and surrendering it all to God in the process.

· Drop bears. You’ll see. Just listen.

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Favorite Quote from the episode:

· “You don’t know what God is going to do, the kind of people He will put in your path, the opportunities He will present you with, the doors He will open for you. We look and see one projection for our lives, but God has not only a Plan A, but a Plan A, B, C, D, and let’s go all the way down to Z and start again. We just don’t know what God’s going to do with what we’re doing, so let’s do the best that we can, and learn from it, and maybe there’s a test that we have to pass so that He can strengthen us. Growing hurts; spiritual growth also hurts, but my goodness we’re grateful for that afterwards because of the arsenal we have and the experience we have and it makes us fortified and prepared to go to the next challenge.”

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