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TOP 25 Season 1, Episode 54 Laura Landrum: The Secret Place of Thunder

Hey there, Warrior!

Happy episode 13 to you! For the 13th most-listened-to episode of Season One on the Heal Podcast, it is my pleasure to bring back Laura Landrum! Laura is a friend I met at an incredible event called Living Room Sessions, where some Christian women got together for a life-changing retreat at a little getaway in Texas.

Laura has extensive experience with chronic pain, dealing with undiagnosed pain when she was young in addition to a recent development of painful cysts. She also shares about a sensitive topic today, if the topic is a trigger for you: Laura shares about how God transformed her life through his redemptive love after her abortion. We talk about the grief surrounding her choice to have an abortion, how sometimes physical and even chronic pain can be caused by abortion and the stress of the experience, and how God brought her through a journey of years of healing.

In Laura’s darkest places, she has found “secret places of thunder,” a term from Psalm 87:1: “You called in trouble, and I delivered you. I answered you in the secret places of thunder…” In this verse, many biblical scholars see references to the pillar of cloud and fire in which God appeared when he led the Israelites in the wilderness. Others see the thick darkness where God was when Moses spoke to him on Mount Sinai, but Laura found a modern day place: inside of a CT scan. The thumping sounds reminded her of the thunderous presence of the Lord, and she has found many unexpected places like this to experience God in her pain.

In this episode, I believe you’ll be inspired by Laura’s obedience to God, and you’ll be prompted to see where you can find God in your own “secret places of thunder.” Laura’s joy is contagious, so if joy amidst pain is something you want to catch, then I highly recommend you listen (or re-listen) to this episode today!

Listen to learn more about:

· What lessons Laura has gained from decades of physical pain.

· How God healed and redeemed Laura’s experience with abortion.

· How to find places where you can meet with God amidst your physical pain and limitation, even if they are unexpected or don’t look like a typical ‘quiet time.’

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Favorite Quote from the episode:

· “We have to listen to Him. But for me it started in my pain. It started in my loneliness in my pain. And yes, I have a bunch of friends, I have a lot of family and friends who love me, but it’s still lonely in that pain. And so it’s finding God in it, it’s knowing God in it – He’s there. He has never left me.”

Links from our conversation:

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For freedom,


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