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Season 1, Episode 48: Amy Downs on Surviving a Terrorist Attack

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On April 19, 1995, Amy Downs was a self-described "lazy college dropout." But 26 years ago, her life changed forever when a bomb went off in the building she worked in, dropping her down three floors and leaving her upside down in her office chair for over six hours as rescue workers attempted to get her out. In those moments of waiting, Amy realized she had not lived her life the way she had wanted to up to that point. When she was rescued, she committed to changing her life, one step at a time. She went from flunking out of college to becoming the CEO of her company, she lost over 200 pounds and completed an Ironman Triathlon, she chose to become a mom, and now she has written an incredible memoir of her journey, Hope is a Verb: My Journey of Impossible Transformation. Amy joins us today on the 26th anniversary of what remains the most deadly domestic terrorist attack in US history to share her testimony of how she's found freedom through it all.

Amy IG: @amyon2wheels

Tera IG: @terabradham

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