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Season 1, Episode 60: Jonny and Joanna Ivey: Silent Cries

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Our British brother and sister Jonny and Janna Ivey join us to talk about one of the most heartbreaking subjects in our earthly existence: baby loss. In their new book, Silent Cries, they delve into the depths of their own wounds in order to bring healing to the wounds of others. This is not a pretty episode about a pretty topic, but it's raw, real, and shows the goodness of God in a way that only true sorrow and His faithfulness in the midst of it can. We also address some hard questions and try to model that it's okay to ask these things we rarely have answers for, so if you like the toughies, this episode is for you!

US customers can buy Silent Cries here:

Heirs Magazine (where Jonny writes and is the general editor):

There are also other books listed as resources for those grieving on the back page of Silent Cries.

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