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Season 1, Episode 21: Haven Faith Shepherd: No Legs, No Problem!

Hello friend!

Haven Faith Shepherd lives life with no legs, but she says if that's the worst thing she has going on in her life, it's not that big of a deal. Even though her story has an intense beginning, God has claimed her as His own from the start, and she lives a full and vibrant life of redemption. Born in Vietnam as the result of an affair, her biological parents believed the only way for them to be together was to commit suicide as a family. Strapping bombs to themselves and holding Haven, the bombs exploded and Haven was thrown 25 feet away, losing her legs in the process. An American family later saw her in an orphanage and knew she was meant to be a part of her family. Growing up in the US, Haven now is a part of Team USA for swimming and is a Paralympic hopeful for 2021. Listen in and be encouraged that no trauma is beyond God's reach and His goodness overshadows what we often perceive with the naked eye.

Haven IG: @havenfaithshepherd

Challenged Athletes Foundation IG: @cafoundation

Jolyn Suits and Clothing IG: @jolynclothing

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