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Episode 97: Daniel & Kelly Crawford: Knowing More, Understanding Less

Hello friend!

Daniel and Kelly Crawford lost their son to a life-limiting diagnosis a few days after his birth. Like Hebrews 11:4 says, Abel still speaks, even though he is no longer on earth. His parents are making sure of that through Abel Speaks, an organization they founded to support parents carrying children with life-limiting diagnoses. Join Daniel, Kelly, and me today as we talk about their journey, their combination of joy and sorrow through the events during and after their pregnancy with Abel, and what it means to know God more while understanding Him less. Then check out the Crawford’s amazing resources below!

PS I was at a different location and my mic got messed up -sorry for the poor sound quality on my end!


Instagram: @AbelSpeaks

A Parent’s Guide to Sorrow and Suffering:


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