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Episode 77: Carleigh Joyce: Holding Them Both

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Hello friend!

Life is almost never purely bad or purely good, purely grief-filled or purely joy-filled, purely redeemed or purely irredeemable. We must learn to let God meet us in the middle, in that place of wrestling where we hold both the trials and the triumphs of this life at the same time. Carleigh Joyce is learning how to hold both pain and joy, longing and contentment, grieving and pushing forward as she enters the fifth year of her pain journey. After a C section left her in more pain than she thought possible, Carleigh discovered nerve issues that have been plaguing her ever since. Not only did her pain lead her to a deeper relationship with Christ, but her pain causes her to look to God daily. If you're in need of that daily encouragement for the battle of pain today, this episode is for you.

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