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Episode 70: Lore Ferguson Wilbert: Handle With Care

Hello friend!

Lore Ferguson Wilbert vulnerably shares parts of her doubts and questions through her journey, including an ectopic pregnancy, a current struggle she's facing, and her journey through miscarriages. Lore is the author of Handle with Care, a book on the ministry of touch. Touch is not talked about much in our healing journeys, and Lore shares today why this may be the case and how we can learn from how Jesus touched and was touched. This is an episode to listen with a notepad! I believe her wisdom is going to blow your socks off in a new way. Enjoy!

Lore IG: @lorewilbert

Handle With Care:

Gender Roles by Alice Matthews:

Strong and Weak by Andy Crouch:

Tera IG: @terabradham

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