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Episode 104: Bill and Will Kynes: Defiant Faith in the Face of Suffering

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Bill Kynes and his son Will Kynes combine their knowledge today to bring us a compelling episode about the book of Job. Bill was a pastor for 36 years and brings the pastoral care side of the book of Job to the table, while Will, an associate professor of biblical studies at Samford University who has written extensively about wisdom and suffering in the Hebrew Bible, brings the academic side of Job to the interview. The combination of both Will and Bill's knowledge as authors and scholars, in addition to their own personal experiences with suffering, make this a great episode to listen to if you are in need of some defiant faith in the face of your suffering today. Buckle up as they address some of the thornier parts of the text of Job and teach us some powerful lessons about perseverance and faith through suffering. Then check out their book, Wrestling with Job: Defiant Faith in the Face of Suffering, below.

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