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Episode 80: Melanie Fagan on Creativity in Pain

Hello friend!

Have you ever thought about how creativity can relieve your pain symptoms? This is the journey of Melanie Fagan, who has experienced numerous chronic pain conditions including breast cancer, hernia repair and hysterectomy surgeries, Type 1 Diabetes, and autoimmune diagnoses. In addition, her husband has had multiple brain surgeries to address Trigeminal Neuralgia, which has been documented as the most painful affliction known to man. Through all of this, Melanie has found art, photography, and creativity to be God’s balm on her soul through her pain. When her mind and body are focused on creating something, she has found that her pain is transformed to admiration, praise, and awe of God. I believe her story is going to help you find both practical and empowering freedom through your pain today!

Melanie IG: @melaniefaganart

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