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Episode 69: Sam Kavanagh Pt. 2: Baby Steps

Hello friend!

Sam Kavanagh was on a back-country ski trip when an avalanche struck. Losing his best friend in the avalanche, Sam was lucky to be alive. But when he looked down and saw the bone of his leg sticking through his pants, he knew he was in trouble. Following a massive search and rescue effort, Sam had his leg amputated. But his story didn't end there! Not only did he pick up cycling and become a US Paralympian, but he participates in all kinds of sports and goes on adventures with his family. Today, we hear the second installment of this conversation with Sam, where he shares about the baby steps in his recovery that got him from an amputation to freedom, and he also share about the grieving process. Bring a box of tissues and a pen to write notes- it's a good one, y'all!

I Shouldn't Be Alive episode of Sam's story:

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