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Stomach Ache
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Episodes for People Who Are Physically Suffering

When you're forced to deal with physical suffering, you can't help but experience feelings of discouragement, anger or loneliness. Heal Ministry is here to help you experience God's goodness through it all. We hand picked the following conversations because we felt they might specifically help you draw closer to Jesus amidst your suffering.

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Michele joins us today on the podcast, even missing 2/3 of her tongue from operations and dealing with the pain of swallowing and speaking as she still deals with the effects of the radiation she received from her chest up to her mouth, to pour into our spirits encouragement and truth. We talk about some Bible passages and how they show us truth about who God is amidst our suffering, how Michele finds more comfort in a God who is mysterious than a God she could fully understand in her suffering, and what it looks like to walk in trust and faith instead of using worry as a means of control.

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“Do you want Story 1 or Story 2?” When God asked Allen this question, he weighed his options. What did God mean? Should he cancel his surgery and see what God was inviting him into? Using the nodules in his throat as the backdrop, Allen takes us through the dramatic lesson God taught him about our stories with God.

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Author Sarah Walton has endured her own battle with Lyme disease, the trial of watching all four of her children endure the same diagnosis, and many losses she and her family have faced financially and emotionally as they have sought to be faithful to God. She brings her deep experiences with suffering to the table today in a vulnerable, transparent, powerful way that will bring light into the dark places of your thoughts. She is the friend who will relate to you while also equipping you to keep wrestling and keep fighting.

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Vaneetha Risner can choose joy amidst suffering because she has spent a literal lifetime learning how to choose joy amidst pain. When she was an infant, she was mistreated for polio, ending with her as a quadriplegic and her spending years away from her family as a child in order to participate in physical therapy. She recovered amazingly, though her limp was enough to merit some bullying along the way. Click to hear her story of faith, perseverance, and how to surrender to God amidst severe suffering and trials.


After losing both her mom and sister to cancer, Niki found out six weeks after her sister’s death that she, too, had cancer. In this episode, she takes us through her journey of colorectal cancer and how God has helped her become a cancer thriver, not just a cancer survivor.

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