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Episodes for Parents of Children Who Are Physically Suffering

The only thing worse than walking through physical suffering yourself is watching your child experience it. If you are or have been in this place, we pray that these episodes of the Heal Ministry Podcast can help bring you peace, faith, and courage to continue believing in God's goodness regardless of the outcome of your child's suffering. 

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After walking through the horrendous journey of watching their son suffer, David and Renée ended up watching God take Ian home, as well. They share, through tears, about surrender, joy, pain, loss, suffering, and the goodness of God amidst it all.

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Ellie Sanazaro and her husband were told that their daughter Rosalie would be born with a Trisomy 13. However, after Rosalie was born without the disorder, the Sanazaro family felt prompted to adopt a son with Down Syndrome. Listen to this episode to hear more about how the Sanazaro family has found joy and love in their neurodivergent family.


In this episode, Irma shares her joys and struggles of being a mom of a special needs child and how she balanced a faith that could move mountains with a God who did not answer her prayers for healing.


To learn more or donate to the cause of SMA visit:

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Author Sarah Walton has endured her own battle with Lyme disease, the trial of watching all four of her children endure the same diagnosis, and many losses she and her family have faced financially and emotionally as they have sought to be faithful to God. She brings her deep experiences with suffering to the table today in a vulnerable, transparent, powerful way that will bring light into the dark places of your thoughts. She is the friend who will relate to you while also equipping you to keep wrestling and keep fighting.

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