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Want to join us in helping people experience God's goodness amidst their physical suffering?

Become a


Heal Advocates are men and women with a desire to help disciple those struggling with physical suffering.  They actively participate in any or all of the following roles:

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Prayer Warrior

As a Prayer Warrior, you recognize that our true enemy is not sickness or disability but rather Satan and his demons. At Heal we know that prayer is the foundation of our ministry which is why each month we share our prayer requests with the entire Heal Advocates team and humbly request their participation in helping us fulfill God’s mission for our ministry.

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Content Creator

Being a Content Creator means making things like one of our 5 minute Heal Devotional videos, hand-written letters to people struggling with physical pain or limitation, or even preaching at Heal events.  For those whom God has called, we want to provide the platform from which they can fully utilize their God-given gifts.

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Ministry Promoter

Ministry Promoters partner with Heal by spreading the word about our mission by utilizing social media and word of mouth to share about our outreaches like our Bible study, Heal Community, and the Heal Podcast.

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Kingdom Investor

Kingdom Investors help make Heal possible by financially contributing to its mission.  Whether it’s a one-time gift or a recurring monthly donation, kingdom investors commit to utilizing the financial resources God has given them to invest in his Kingdom through Heal’s work.

Hear From the Advocates


"What a privilege it is to serve as a Heal Advocate, and partner in prayer with this ministry! The impact of Heal is powerful!"

- Kirk


"It is a blessing to be able to serve Heal as a Heal  Advocate. I consider it a privilege to pray for my brothers and sisters who are struggling with chronic health problems and I thank God for allowing me to take part in the Heal Ministry."


"Being a Heal Advocate is a reminder we are not alone, because others are walking with us in this journey of hope."

- Rick

- Jeri

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Are you ready to fulfill God's Great Commission by ministering to people with physical suffering?

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